Sounds simple; come up with a product, create your landing page, relax, and count the money. If only real life was that easy! Alas, with billions of Web sites competing for attention, marketing online is not simple at all.

On the other hand, marketing online isn't rocket science. This book charts a practical course of action to put your landing page — that first page visitors see when they click an online ad or search engine result link — to work for you. Whether you're just beginning to develop an online presence or you've been online for years and are anxious to build traffic, this book helps you drive prospects to your site and convert them into customers.

Landing Page Optimization For Dummies leverages and enhances your knowledge of marketing to the point that you can establish and build a successful, income-generating online business. Because we've written this book specifically for those who want to enhance their landing page presence, you're going to find a boatload of strategies you need to get those all important conversions.

No simple formula says that shoe companies should use this Web marketing method and architects should use that one. We urge you to keep a picture of your customers or clients in mind while you read this book. If you always ask whether a particular method would appeal to your target audience you'll make the right decisions. Answer your customers' question, "What's in it for me?" and your Web marketing plan will work magic for you.

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