Appendix G: Photography Timeline

Image Technologies and Processes Photography and Art Culture and Current Affairs
Circa (c.)400 BC Chinese and Greek philosophers describethe basic principles of optics and the cameraobscura Ancient Greek art and architecture(c. 1000 BC –1 AD) Beginning of Greek philosophy; Socrates teaches ethicsand a method of philosophical inquiry based on discourse;Plato develops Socrates' work and Plato's pupil Aristotleestablishes an empirical approach to science
c. 1–500 AD Roman art Roman Empire
c. 700 Wood block printing in China Byzantine art (c. 300–c.1400 AD) Moors conquer Spain (711)
c. 1000 Paper first manufactured in EuropePrinciple of the camera obscura described indetail Romanesque art (800–1100 ...

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