Langford's Starting Photography, 6th Edition

Book description

This established, detailed beginner's guide is the perfect choice if you're looking to develop your knowledge and skills, and take your photography to the next level. This authoritative classic by leading photography writer and lecturer Michael Langford has been refreshed and revised by best-selling photography author Philip Andrews for today's photographers. Strongly focused on digital, but with key references to traditional photography where relevant, offer a full grounding in the topic. Langford's Starting Photography is an ideal technical introduction.

All the core basics are included, from how to select and compose a good picture to how different cameras operate and how to decipher their controls. Different subjects are explored, with advice on how to tackle people, places, animals, landscapes and close-ups, and valuable guidance on presenting and assessing finished work.

Table of contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. About the authors
  7. Part 1: Picture Making
    1. Seeing and photographing
    2. Using the viewfinder – framing up
    3. Creating a point of emphasis
    4. Picking lighting conditions
    5. Pattern, texture and shape
    6. Using color
    7. Projects Developing a personal approach
  8. Part 2: Camera, Sensors and Film
    1. Camera principles
    2. The camera
    3. Sensors
    4. Films
    5. Scanners
  9. Part 3: Creative Use of Camera Controls
    1. Shutter speeds and movement
    2. Focus and aperture
    3. Choice of exposure
    4. Changing focal length
    5. Set for digital success
    6. Projects
  10. Part 4: Tackling Different Photographic Subjects
    1. People
    2. Places
    3. Animal portraits
    4. Landscapes
    5. Creating black and white images
    6. Close-up subjects
    7. Action and sports photographs
    8. Going with the flow
    9. Projects Tackling self-set themes
  11. Part 5: Controlling Light
    1. The basics of great lighting
    2. Lighting for people photographs
    3. Lighting objects
    4. Outside shooting
    5. Flash and its control
    6. Layout and lighting in the studio
    7. Projects
  12. Part 6: Photographic Workflow
    1. Demystifying the photographic process
  13. Part 7: Digital Processing and Printing
    1. Introducing the digital photography tools
    2. Transferring pictures from the camera to computer
    3. Processing the picture file
    4. First steps in enhancing
    5. Editing techniques
    6. Printing your digital files
  14. Part 8: Experimental and Constructed Images
    1. Letting the image move
    2. Exploring reflections
    3. Using lens attachments
    4. Combining pictures
    5. Creative digital
    6. Print manipulation
    7. Projects
  15. Part 9: Presenting and Assessing Your Work
    1. Finishing off
    2. Presenting pictures in sets
    3. Digital presentation
    4. Evaluating your results
  16. Part 10: Troubleshooting
    1. Film users: assessing the results
    2. General shooting faults
    3. Digital users: checking images on the desktop
  17. Appendices
    1. Appendix A Computer connection types
    2. Appendix B Camera memory cards
    3. Appendix C Digital camera sensor sizes and resolution (megapixels)
    4. Appendix D Suggested starting speeds/apertures for difficult night scenes
    5. Appendix E Scanner connections
    6. Appendix F What resolution should I pick?
    7. Appendix G ISO settings and their uses
    8. Appendix H Minimum shutter speeds to stop camera shake
    9. Appendix I Settings to control depth of field
    10. Appendix J Suggested starting speeds to freeze the action of different events
    11. Appendix K Flash guide numbers, apertures and distance
    12. Appendix L Using a hand-held meter
    13. Appendix M Batteries
    14. Appendix N Health and safety in photography
    15. Appendix O Black and white film processing and printing
    16. Appendix P Chemically treating black and white prints
  18. Glossary
  19. Index

Product information

  • Title: Langford's Starting Photography, 6th Edition
  • Author(s): Philip Andrews, Michael Langford
  • Release date: April 2014
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136093890