3 Ethnic identity

It was I, not he, who was teased by the flux of his identity: by the light or half-repressed Islam of all these lands, their diminished loyalty to clan or tribe, their Soviet veneer, their shallow-rooted sense of nation.

(Thubron, 1994: 355)

ETHNICK a. Heathen; Pagan.

(Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, Studio Edition 1994)

Ethnic ME [ad. Gr. έθνιкóς heathen, f. έθνoς nation; τάέθη = the (non-Israelitish) nations, Gentiles.]

(The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles 3rd edition vol. I A-M 1967)


According to a number of commentators, including Taylor (1993: 191–228) and A.D. Smith (1995: vii), the resurgence of ethno-national conflicts beginning in western Europe in the ...

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