It’s lightweight, high-tech, and portable; the product of years of research, a longtime dream of engineers and scholars, something people all over the world crave. It’s wireless. It’s about communications. And it will help you become the ultimate mobile computer user. Of course, I’m talking about this book: Laptops For Dummies.

This is the sixth edition of Laptops For Dummies, updated and spiffed up for the latest in PC laptop hardware and software as well as for Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10.

This book covers your portable computer from laptop to lap-bottom, inside and out, on the road or resting at home. The information here runs the gamut, from introducing your laptop to making your first wireless connection at your favorite swanky cybercafé. You’ll find this book useful whether you want to go laptop shopping or you consider yourself an old hand.

About This Book

I’m glad that you’re still reading this introduction. Most people stop reading after a few paragraphs, or they don’t even bother reading the introduction. Consider yourself special.

This book covers laptop computing, from buying and setting up to going on the road, from networking and the Internet to power management and security and everything in between. There’s a lot of laptoppy advice to be had between this book’s yellow covers.

I don’t intend for you to read every chapter in sequence. That’s because this book is organized as a reference: Find the tidbit of information, the knowledge ...

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