Chapter 4

To Turn On a Laptop

In This Chapter

arrow Opening the laptop’s lid

arrow Finding the power button

arrow Turning on the laptop

arrow Logging in to Windows

arrow Observing the Windows desktop

arrow Transferring old files and programs

Oh, please! How tough can it be to turn on a laptop computer? Does the author really need to write an entire chapter on the topic? Apparently so.

Turning on a laptop is more than simply flipping a switch. First, it’s not a switch: It’s a power button. Second, the power button is typically under the lid, which is something you’re not used to if you’re a desktop PC user. Finally, you need to contend with Windows. That’s too much information for a sentence to convey, more than a paragraph can hold, and with lovely illustrations, more than a few pages can handle. Yes, it’s a chapter, a whole chapter.

Turn On Your Laptop

Turning on a traditional notebook-style laptop computer involves ...

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