Chapter 7

The Tablet PC Tour

In This Chapter

arrow Getting to know tablet computers

arrow Studying tablet PC hardware

arrow Configuring a tablet PC

arrow Working with the stylus

arrow Inputting text

arrow Using special tablet software

The tablet PC may be a miraculous improvement over the traditional laptop, but it’s nothing new. Two thousand years ago, the Romans called it a tabulae ceratae, a wax writing tablet. Back then, it was the high-tech recording device: The wax was black, and you used a sharp, metal stick, or stylus, to write on it. The pointy end of the stylus was for writing, and the wider, flat end was for erasing. The tabulae was used for all kinds of writing, including important documents. And I’m certain that more than one Roman schoolkid used the excuse once too often, “I left my homework in the sun.”

Fast-forward 2,000 years and you can have, in your lap, a tablet PC that does all that the tabulae ...

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