Chapter 18

Your Files from Afar

In This Chapter

arrow Connecting your laptop and desktop

arrow Exchanging files

arrow Using the Internet to store files

arrow Setting up cloud storage

arrow Coordinating cloud storage files

arrow Sharing cloud storage with others

Being far and remote is what laptop computing is all about. As long as you pack your laptop bag with everything you need, you’re all set. Yet although you may have all the hardware you need, you may not find all your files. The secret to a successful laptop adventure is to always have access to the files you need.

Files from Here to There

Oh, pity the poor protonerds from the dark ages of laptop computing. Like you, they desired to share files between computers — for example, to load up work for a trip or synchronize files between desktop and laptop after being on the road. The methods by which those hapless users accomplished the file transfer were crude ...

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