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Large-Scale IP Network Solutions (CCIE Professional Development)

Book Description

An essential guide to scaling and maintaining large networks.

  • Understand critical scalability issues and the parameters to plan for future network growth

  • Examine detailed migration plans with sample scenarios and working Cisco configuration examples

  • Learn the pros and cons of each major routing protocol and how to choose the right one for your environment

  • Understand the operations and scalability features of Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)

  • Implement effective quality of service and network management techniques

  • Benefit from extensive large-scale network design and configuration case studies

  • Large-Scale IP Network Solutions provides practical advice for network engineers as IP networks grow and become more complex. With in-depth discussions of the major IP protocols--including RIP, Enhanced IGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP--this book evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each protocol. In addition to specific large and medium network protocol deployment issues, this guide contains special sections on more general topics such as network management, core and distribution networks, multicasting, and quality of service features.

    Router configuration examples, network case studies, and sample scenarios all help you put the book's information to use and become an effective Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE). In addition, this title offers unique elements to help you prepare for the exam, including: case studies that highlight real-world design, implementation, management, and troubleshooting issues; configuiration examples from actual network input and output; scenarios that help you put solutions to use; and review questions and exercises.

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About the Authors
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Feedback information
    5. Introduction
    6. The Internet
      1. Evolution of Data Networks
        1. Overview of Communications History
        2. Evolution of the Internet
        3. The World Wide Web
        4. The Internet Today
        5. Modern Internet Architecture
        6. Evolution and Demise of Enterprise and Open Networks
        7. The Future of the Internet
        8. Summary
        9. Review Questions
        10. For Further Reading …
      2. IP Fundamentals
        1. Basic IP Concepts
        2. Variable-Length Subnet Masking
        3. Classless Interdomain Routing
        4. IP Routing
        5. Summary
        6. Review Questions
        7. For Further Reading…
      3. Network Technologies
        1. Packet, Circuit, and Message Switching
        2. Local-Area Networks and Technologies
        3. Wide-Area Networks and Technologies
        4. Metropolitan-Area Networks and Technologies
        5. Summary
        6. Review Questions
        7. For Further Reading …
      4. Network Topology and Design
        1. Requirements and Constraints
        2. Tools and Techniques
        3. Hierarchy Issues
        4. Backbone Core Network Design
        5. Distribution/Regional Network Design
        6. Access Design
        7. Summary
        8. Review Questions
        9. For Further Reading…
      5. Routers
        1. Router Architecture
        2. Evolution of the Cisco Switching Algorithms
        3. Routing and Forwarding
        4. Caching Technique Case Study
        5. Summary
        6. Review Questions
        7. For Further Reading…
    7. Core and Distribution Networks
      1. Routing Information Protocol
        1. Overview of RIP
        2. RIP Packet Format
        3. RIPV1 Configuration Examples
        4. Summary
        5. Review Questions
        6. For Further Reading…
      2. Routing Information Protocol Version 2
        1. Introduction to RIP Operation
        2. Cisco's RIP Implementation
        3. RIP and Default Routes
        4. Summary
        5. Review Questions
        6. For Further Reading…
      3. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
        1. Fundamentals and Operation
        2. The Enhanced IGRP Topology Table
        3. Enhanced IGRP Configuration Commands
        4. Enhanced IGRP Classless Summarization
        5. Adjusting Enhanced IGRP Parameters
        6. Split Horizon and Enhanced IGRP
        7. Summary
        8. Review Questions
        9. For Further Reading…
      4. Open Shortest Path First
        1. Fundamentals of OSPF
        2. Introduction to Link-State Protocols
        3. Categories of LSAs
        4. The OSPF Area Concept
        5. Enabling and Configuring OSPF
        6. Summary
        7. Review Questions
        8. For Further Reading…
      5. Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System
        1. Introduction to IS-IS
        2. Fundamentals and Operation of IS-IS
        3. Addressing with IS-IS
        4. Link-State Concepts
        5. Using IS-IS Pseudonode
        6. Using IS-IS Non-Pseudonode
        7. Understanding Level 1 and Level 2 Routing
        8. IS-IS Packets
        9. IS-IS Flooding
        10. Route Summarization
        11. Scaling IS-IS
        12. IS-IS Over NBMA Networks
        13. Basic IS-IS Configuration
        14. Summary
        15. Review Questions
        16. For Further Reading …
      6. Border Gateway Protocol
        1. Introduction to BGP
        2. Fundamentals of BGP Operation
        3. Description of the BGP4 Protocol
        4. BGP's Finite State Machine
        5. Routing Policy and the BGP Decision Algorithm
        6. BGP Scalability Features
        7. Large Network Configuration Issues
        8. Summary
        9. Review Questions
      7. Migration Techniques
        1. Exchanging Protocols
        2. Migration of Routing Protocols
        3. Summary
        4. Review Questions
      8. Protocol Independent Multicast
        1. Multicast Routing Protocols
        2. Fundamentals of Operation
        3. IGMP and PIM Protocol Description
        4. Multicast Scalability Features
        5. Summary
        6. Review Questions
        7. For Further Reading . . .
      9. Quality of Service Features
        1. Introduction to QoS
        2. QoS Policy Propagation
        3. Congestion-Management Algorithms
        4. Congestion-Avoidance Algorithms
        5. Deploying QoS in Large Networks
        6. Summary
        7. Review Questions
        8. For Further Reading . . .
      10. Network Operations and Management
        1. Overview of Network Management
        2. Network Management Systems
        3. The Simple Network Management Protocol
        4. Netflow
        5. Fault Management
        6. Configuration and Security Management
        7. Ad Hoc Abuse Issues
        8. Performance and Accounting Management
        9. Summary: Network Management Checklist for Large Networks
        10. Review Questions
        11. For Further Reading . . . .
      11. Design and Configuration Case Studies
        1. Case Study 1: The Alpha.com Enterprise
        2. Case Study 2: The MKS Retail Store
        3. Case Study 3: An ISP Network
        4. Summary
    8. Index