1.7.3      Propagation along the principal plane Y Z

Another special case of light propagation in an anisotropic crystal is that of propagation along a principal plane, such as the XY, YZ or ZX planes. We start with the propagation vector k lying in the YZ plane, so that mX = 0 and mY2+mZ2=1. With mX = 0, Eqns. 1.55 give



The two cases of nX < nY < nZ and nX > nY > nZ are considered separately in the next two subsections.

1.7.4      k along YZ plane, Case 1: nX < nY < nZ

In this case, from 1.56 D=nY2nZ2nX2A, since D is defined to be positive and A takes the values from nY2 to nZ2 as mY goes from 1 to 0. Thus, the possible values of n (from Eqn. 1.57) are


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