Computer Codes for SFG Efficiency

A.1      The MATLAB codes for the collimated Gaussian beam case

In MATLAB environment, the following programs are used to find the sum-frequency generation power and energy conversion efficiencies (ηP and ηE, respectively) for collimated beams with Gaussian spatial and temporal distributions.

A.1.1    The file sfg_PE.m


clear all;


K10 = 0.0001;

K1f = 5;

mk1 = 50;

dk1 = (K1f - K10)/mk1;

for ik = 1:mk1+1;

K1(ik) = K10 +(ik-1)*dk1;

%For eta_P, turn on the y(ik) in the next two lines

(by removing the % signs, if any)

%y(ik) = getysfg_p(K1(ik));

%y(ik) = 2*y(ik)/K1(ik);

%For eta_P, turn off the 2 lines for y(ik) below

(by inserting or retaining the % signs)

%For eta_E, turn off the y(ik) line ...

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