The Fortran Source Code for QPM-SHG Efficiency

C.1      qpmshg.f

The Fortran code qpmshg.f finds the function hs for the quasi-phase matched second harmonic generation case, as a function of the parameter δ1, for given values of the pump focusing parameter ξp and the normalized pump power denoted by K2. The input parameters are read from a text file (qpmshg_in.txt) and the output is written to another file, the name of which is specified in a text file (qpmshg_fileout.txt). The three files qpmshg.f, qpmshg_in.txt and qpmshg_fileout.txt need to stay in the same folder when qpmshg.f is compiled and run.

c qpmshg_h.f

implicit real*8 (a-h,o-z)

real*8 kappa,K2,mu,data(12)

CHARACTER*20 fileout

CHARACTER*35 fileout1,fileout2,fileout3

common/list1/kappa,mu,AA1,AA2,del ...

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