American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education (AAHHE). AAHHE is a cross-disciplinary, higher education organization primarily focused on the need to develop Latino faculty and senior administrators as well as serving as a leading research and advocacy group for Hispanic higher education issues.

ASPIRA Association, Inc. ASPIRA is the only national nonprofit organization devoted solely to the education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youth.

Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans (AAMA). AAMA is committed to advancing the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged youth and families through an array of innovative programs of excellence in the areas of education, health and human services, and community development.

Association of Hispanic Entrepreneurs (AHEUSA). AHEUSA promotes the business development of Hispanic entrepreneurs with economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of its members and affiliates in the trade area; educating the business community and representing the association in city, county, state and national legislative and political affairs; expand the association into any regions where significant number of Hispanic entrepreneurs can be found.

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA). ALPFA is the leading professional association dedicated to enhancing ...

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