Creating a Discovery System

Finding inspirational content will be essential for keeping your ideas fresh. Putting the right systems in place will help you easily find what you're seeking.

A discovery system is a simple set of steps you perform regularly to ensure you find the best content and people in your industry. It involves watching to see what and who are popular, trending, or influential.

As your rocket ship journeys through the cosmos, your discovery systems will ensure you are on the edge of content innovation.

For example, someone on my team monitors a number of Web sites in my space for hot news, interesting articles, and research studies.

Each day we take two of the best links and feed them to our reader base via numerous social media channels. We track how people respond to our updates and use that as a gauge to determine possible topics for future articles.

Here are some of the benefits of a robust discovery system:

  • You'll find influential people: A major advantage of a discovery system is it can help you identify other people (the second part of the elevation principle) who are influential in your industry.
  • You'll know what to create: By monitoring all the critical Web sites in your industry, you'll be able to quickly and easily see what content is popular. If you see a new idea, topic, or angle that you haven't covered, capture it. It could provide ideas for your content creation efforts or your idea vault.
  • You'll identify industry trends: Such a system also keeps ...

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