Working with Outside Experts

Experts are the people your reader base turns to when they need advice or insight. They're trusted because of their deep experience, training, and knowledge.

Working with experts outside the walls of your business is one of the least-utilized yet most powerful ways to grow your business. Experts bring credibility, experience, and exposure to your business.

Working with experts is like taking your rocket ship through a wormhole. They have what your readers seek—important, worthwhile knowledge. And some experts have a large following of their own. These factors often combine, creating a shortcut that can put you far ahead of your competition.

Getting experts involved is much easier than it seems.

If you know your reader base well, finding experts who can help them overcome their challenges (or meet their desires) has a powerful effect. There are many ways experts can aid in your content creation, which I'll show you in the following sections.

Perhaps you're wondering why you need to work with experts outside your business. Why would they have any desire to work with you?

Maybe you're an expert already? Or perhaps you're a total newbie and intimidated by the thought of working with experts? Let me address each of these with a story.

Working with Others When You Are the Expert

Even if you are considered an expert in your industry (or you have experts within your company), it's good to embrace people from the outside, for a couple of reasons. For one, seeking ...

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