Launching and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care Organizations: Managing Successful Projects

Book description

Implement change that fosters sustainable growth and better patient care

Health care projects depend on astute management of change. But more than anything else, they depend on leaders who pay attention, who understand the importance of starting right, and who know how to launch projects that succeed. If leaders can increase the percentage of successful projects, patients, and practitioners everywhere will be better off and so will the organizations that depend on these projects for innovation.

In Launching and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care Organizations: Managing Successful Projects. Author David A. Shore of the Harvard School of Public Health speaks directly to the health care leaders and managers who see the need for change, but keep encountering nearly insurmountable challenges. Through his research, Shore discovered that most implementation failures occur because of a poor launch, and that strengthening processes and operations during the early weeks of a new project is a key to continued success. The book covers issues like:

  • The preliminary groundwork that cultivates a stronger launch

  • Systematic and selective project selection

  • Building the team that accomplishes change

  • Skill-building and record-keeping systems that foster sustainable growth

  • Launching and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care Organizations gives leaders and managers the practical, easy-to-implement ideas and methodologies to start and manage projects successfully.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. List of Figures and Tables
    5. Dedication
    6. Preface
      1. Who Should Read This Book
      2. Notes
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. The Author
      1. David A. Shore
    9. Part 1: Changing Health Care
    10. Introduction: The Need for Change
      1. Summary
      2. Notes
    11. Chapter 1: How Organizations Can Really Change
      1. A Better Approach
      2. From “Projects” to Change Events
      3. Summary
      4. Notes
    12. Chapter 2: Criteria for an Initiative's Success
      1. Failure Rates
      2. Doing the Right Thing Right
      3. Appropriate Measures of Success
      4. Careful Management of Risk
      5. Summary
      6. Notes
    13. Chapter 3: Planning: Seeds of Success and Failure
      1. A Time for Planning
      2. Learning from Failure
      3. Summary
      4. Notes
    14. Part 2: Select the Right Projects
    15. Introduction: The Crowded Runway
      1. Summary
      2. Notes
    16. Chapter 4: Identifying and Creating the Right Initiatives
      1. Change Initiatives as Strategic Planning
      2. Where Good Project Ideas Originate
      3. Developing Project Concepts
      4. Summary
      5. Notes
    17. Chapter 5: Selecting, Prioritizing, and Monitoring Change Initiatives
      1. The Project and Portfolio Management Review Board
      2. Criteria for Project Selection
      3. Prioritizing Projects
      4. Monitoring Projects
      5. Summary
      6. Notes
    18. Part 3: Choose the Right People
    19. Introduction: How Important Are Decisions about People?
      1. Summary
      2. Notes
    20. Chapter 6: What You Are Looking For
      1. Hard and Soft Skills
      2. Crucial Conversations
      3. Emotional Intelligence
      4. Trust
      5. Summary
      6. Notes
    21. Chapter 7: Assembling the Individuals for a Change Event
      1. “Dunbar's Number” for Change Teams
      2. The Right Mixture of People
      3. Roles on the Team
      4. The Right Number of Projects
      5. The Project Management Human Capital Inventory
      6. Do People Make a Team?
      7. Summary
      8. Notes
    22. Chapter 8: Converting Individuals into a Project Implementation Team
      1. Onboarding a Group
      2. Beginning the Onboarding Process: Day Zero
      3. The Next Step: Day One
      4. Decisions and Tracking
      5. Passion and Enthusiasm
      6. Alignment
      7. Trust
      8. Summary
      9. Notes
    23. Chapter 9: The First Mile and Beyond
      1. Summary
    24. Index
    25. End User License Agreement

    Product information

    • Title: Launching and Leading Change Initiatives in Health Care Organizations: Managing Successful Projects
    • Author(s): David A. Shore
    • Release date: May 2014
    • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
    • ISBN: 9781118099148