Chapter 14. In the Abstract

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“Laurie, wake up.”

“Mrfl.” Laurie just rolled over. It felt way too early to wake up!

“Come on. Wake up.”

“Mom?” Laurie heard water splashing. The bath?

“We’re here, girl. Help me tidy up the boat.”

“The . . . boat? What b—” she opened her eyes. The walls were made of wood, and it was Winsome, not Laurie’s mother, who wanted her to wake up. Of course—Laurie was still on the Doppelganger.

Laurie went above deck and got her first look at Abstract Island. The Doppelganger was tied up at the end of the main pier. The little harbor was a perfect half-moon. All around the docks, people were fishing or fussing around on identical ...

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