Laying the Groundwork for Cloud

Book description

When it comes to cloud migration, many enterprises focus on technological concerns—the transfer of applications, platforms, and infrastructure. But a move to the cloud involves more than technology. This ebook explores practical ways to transform your company’s organizational and operating model in preparation for your cloud migration. Author Mark Preston demonstrates techniques for driving a successful companywide transformation, based on his experiences guiding several organizations through the process.

You’ll follow each step your company must take to transition to a cloud organizational and operating model. That includes changes to the business, commercial, and service governance aspects of your company, as well as the organizational, process, and performance parts of your business. This ebook also includes case studies that highlight some of the challenges companies have faced during their cloud transformations.

  • Stay on track by using transformation horizons to pinpoint your place on the journey
  • Identify and prioritize objectives to break your cloud journey into clear and manageable stages
  • Devise a clear plan to handle the broad scope and complexity of your cloud journey
  • Initiate your plan by aligning both strategy and sponsorship to your cloud and operating model transformation
  • Take small and measured steps to focus on one transformation horizon at a time
  • Maintain sight of long-term goals by periodically assessing your strategic objectives

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. 1. Establish Your Starting Point
    1. Define Your Transformation Horizons
    2. Establish Your Transformation Objectives
    3. Establish Your Performance Benchmarks and Targets
    4. Define Legacy
    5. Summary
  3. 2. Create Your Target Strategy
    1. Establish Your Strategic Vision
    2. Establish Your Cloud Technology Objectives
    3. Establish Your Cloud Operating Model Objectives
    4. Define Your Organizational Objectives
    5. Define Your Automation Objectives
    6. Forecast Your Demand for Services
    7. Define Your Accelerators
    8. Define Your Maturity Model
    9. Summary
  4. 3. Plan What You Need to Achieve Your Goals
    1. Transformation Planning
    2. Plan Your Target Technology Accelerator
    3. Plan Your Operating Model Accelerator
    4. Plan Your Service Accelerator
    5. Plan Your Performance Accelerator
    6. Summary
  5. 4. Put the Plan into Action
    1. Secure Organizational Sponsorship
    2. Establish Funding for Your Transformation
    3. Establish Contractual Deadlines
    4. Establish Cost and Risk Priorities
    5. Establish Workforce Competence and Scaling Models
    6. Assign Accountabilities and Responsibilities
    7. Summary
  6. 5. Take Small and Measured Iterative Steps
    1. Deliver Work Packages
    2. Measure and Validate Performance Benefits
    3. Enable Your Business-As-Usual Teams Early
    4. Transfer Risk to Your Suppliers
    5. Transition to the Next Horizon
    6. Summary
  7. 6. Don’t Lose Sight of Your Long-Term Goals
    1. Govern Transformation Horizons by Maturity
    2. Manage Expectations Against Your Service Portfolio
    3. Establish Performance Dashboards Across All Services
    4. Adjust Transformation Objectives If Needed
    5. Govern Digital Experience Across Your Services
    6. Identify Your Competitive Service Differentiators
  8. 7. Conclusion

Product information

  • Title: Laying the Groundwork for Cloud
  • Author(s): Mark Preston
  • Release date: August 2018
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492036012