Software Requirements

The examples presented in this book for building the client tools and server components are based on the latest OpenLDAP 2.1 release available at the current time (Version 2.1.8). As with any piece of software, version numbers and dependencies change. Make sure to consult the documentation included with future OpenLDAP releases before building your server.

Our OpenLDAP server will require several external software packages:

  • Support for POSIX threads, either by the operating system or an external library.

  • SSL/TLS libraries (such as the OpenSSL package, which is available from

  • A database manager library that supports DBM type storage facilities. The current library of choice is the Berkeley DB 4.1 package from Sleepycat Software (

  • Release 2.1 of the SASL libraries from Carnegie Mellon University (


If your server’s operating system supports threads, OpenLDAP 2 can take advantage of this feature. This support works fine out of the box on most current Linux systems, Solaris, and several other platforms.

If you run into problems related to POSIX thread support, your first option is to check the web site for installation notes specific to your platform. You may also wish to visit for a list of known POSIX thread libraries for Unix systems. It is possible to disable thread support in the OpenLDAP server, ...

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