LEAD: 50 models for success in work and life

Book description

LEAD will develop you as a leader in a dynamic way that goes to the heart of your purpose and dreams. It takes you well beyond traditional, fixed planning processes, which are out of date as soon as the ink dries, or the temporary ‘high’ of a leadership development day or two. It helps you recognise the complexity of the challenges you face and equips you to navigate these effectively and flexibly. . . because life is not a straight line.

LEAD equips you with enduring principles, inspiring stories and practical tools to:

●      Map the journeys that you want to make in work and life

●      Navigate through life’s twists and turns to success

●      Grow yourself and others as leaders

Its style is like that of the best coach whose sole aim is to enable you to find your purpose and to thrive.

The authors bring their own fresh perspectives and the very best leadership thinking and practice.

LEAD should be your constant companion, always within reach to coach, challenge and cheer you on.

LEAD will help you to be clearer and more confident - to fulfil your potential and succeed in work and life.

Product information

  • Title: LEAD: 50 models for success in work and life
  • Author(s): John D. H. Greenway, Andy Blacknell, Andy Coombe
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Capstone
  • ISBN: 9780857087911