Focus 2See the Big Picture



Illustration shows map with a circle divided into five parts labelled as ‘be’, ‘see (shaded)’, ‘choose’, ‘do’ and ‘check’ and three rectangles labelled as ‘you’, ‘team’ and ‘life’.


When you see the whole, you can stop reacting to events and start creating the future.


Look up. Look around. See the whole.

See what is above … in front … behind … beside … below … beyond … out of sight.

Enjoy the vista.

Assess the weather conditions. See what is going on in your world. What are the trends? Which way are things moving?

See things as they are. Spot the opportunities. Check the risks. See your way through.

Play with your head up.

The greatest sportspeople play with their heads up. They see the whole game. They seem to have more time than anybody else. They spot the opportunity to attack ...

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