As a marketer, you hear a lot about the “new marketing landscape.” And most likely, you feel overwhelmed by all of the new marketing channels that you just have to be on to generate leads. But how do you weed through all of the information to know what lead generation strategies work for you and your business without pulling your hair out?

In this book, I do the footwork for you and present you with actionable information on what channels and strategies are available and how to assess them for your own unique business situation. And because lead generation should never end with lead acquisition, I present you with strategies to improve your lead nurturing and scoring techniques to make sure you send only the most qualified leads to sales, who then can close more deals. And because this book provides you with strategies to measure your efforts, you get to look like a rock-star marketer in front of your C-suite!

About This Book

To write this book, I did a ton of research in addition to calling upon my own personal experience as a marketer in the technology sector, where some of the most innovative marketing is occurring. Because I work as the senior content marketing manager for Marketo, one of the leading thought leaders in the lead generation and marketing automation space, I'm in the trenches every day working with our lead generation team to bring in revenue.

The information in this book is on the cutting edge of what is happening now in marketing, and it can ...

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