Chapter 3

Setting Your Lead Generation Goals

In This Chapter

arrow Making all programs measureable

arrow Organizing your lead generation plan

arrow Getting key stakeholders on board

arrow Partnering with sales for a closed-loop lead lifecycle

As a marketing team, have you ever been called the “arts and crafts” table? I have! At a company I used to work for, the sales reps used to tease us and call us the “arts and crafts” table and jokingly ask us what we were going to put glitter on next. It was all in good fun, but it was the symptom of a problem that many marketers are faced with: They have trouble proving to their organization that they are accountable for their actions. The term “arts and crafts” conveys that marketers are thought of as a bunch of people sitting around a table creating paintings and doing fun projects, but making no meaningful contribution to the business.

We do fun projects, of course, but times have changed. And thanks to the measurability of most lead generation programs, efforts are now planned and measurable. Particularly with the advent of marketing automation technologies that ...

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