Chapter 5

Building a Rock-Star Team

In This Chapter

arrow Staffing your marketing team for lead generation success

arrow Learning about the different roles you need for your lead generation team

arrow Identifying the perfect combination of technology, communication, and analytics in your new hires

arrow Combining internal and external efforts for a recruiting grand slam

You are close to getting your hands dirty in the nitty-gritty of lead generation, but you have one more hurdle to tackle. How do you set up your team? Who do you need to hire and how do you go about getting the right people?

In my experience as a marketer, having been on many teams and hiring many team members, this might be the most difficult and arguably the most important task that you have in front of you. In order for your lead generation efforts to be effective and your marketing to really stand out, you need a stellar team of A-players. These are going to be the people on the front lines working tirelessly to make this lead generation thing work.

And in fact, just to really stress how important good hires are, according to LinkedIn ...

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