Chapter 19

Testing and Optimizing Your Campaigns

In This Chapter

arrow Learning about A/B testing and why it’s important

arrow Understanding what multivariate testing is and how to use it

arrow Conducting your first test

arrow Knowing what to test

All lead-generation campaigns need to be tested. Why? You need to test in order to make your campaigns better over time! Personally, I find testing extremely interesting. Without it, I wouldn’t have insight into my programs and I certainly wouldn’t know what was working and what wasn’t.

A marketing team that doesn’t test often is a marketing team that is blind to what their leads are doing. So what do you do? Build testing into your campaign creation and measurement process, and make sure testing is ingrained in each and every team member’s minds. Each of your marketers should test his campaigns on a regular basis, or you can even have someone on staff who specializes in (or who highly enjoys) testing.

Testing in lead generation and marketing is akin to the scientific method: communicate a question, hypothesize the answer, formulate your predictions, test those ...

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