Chapter 20

Developing Lead-Generation Metrics

In This Chapter

arrow Proving your campaign ROI through embracing metrics

arrow Creating obtainable goals

arrow Building a revenue model

arrow Tracking first touch, last touch, and multi-touch attribution

As a marketer, you want a seat at the revenue table, right? I know I do! And if you have gotten this far in the book, I would say you probably do also. If marketing is seen as a viable part of the revenue team, you can be seen as a contributor to the company’s bottom line, and not a cost center. This was difficult in the past because marketers did not have a clear way to measure ROI on campaigns. But luckily, this has all changed, for smart marketers anyways. Forget about those cute remarks from sales comparing marketing to “arts and crafts” that show they don’t value your contribution to company growth. As a marketer in today’s world, you need to get down to business and really measure the ROI of your campaigns.

After all, getting leads and knowing that they have contributed to revenue by becoming a customer is a critical element to successful lead generation. ...

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