Chapter 23

Ten Powerful Lead-Generation Tactics

In This Chapter

arrow Creating an impact with guerilla marketing

arrow Engaging with thought leaders through influencer marketing

arrow Making an impact with a jingle or a song

arrow Using visuals like infographics and photo memes in your content strategy

I've talked about many innovative lead-generation strategies in this book, but there are a few more that I wanted to draw your attention to. If you integrate these additional tactics into your holistic lead-generation plan, you can give your campaigns that extra oomph they need to stand out.

Going Guerilla

Guerilla marketing is a strategy that uses unconventional methods, at often low cost, to get your message across. This could be as simple as putting stickers or posters up around your neighborhood, or could be something more robust like organizing a flash mob. In my experience, guerilla marketing techniques work particularly well around an event.

For instance, at Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2013 conference, a competitor, SugarCRM, created a guerilla campaign called Escape Dreamforce. Outside of the conference, ...

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