Lead Generation on the Web

Thomas Myer

March 4, 2007


Learn the basics of lead generation on the Web: setting strategy, identifying viable lead sources, building (and optimizing) effective landing pages, and creating backend systems for processing requests and lead nurturing.

This updated version includes a new PHP lead scoring class and lead nurturing tips.

Do you sell services? Or products with a very long sales life cycle? Is it hard to convey the features and benefits of your offering? Do customers only buy after they've built up enough trust in you? Does it take you a long time to convert strangers into clients?

Then what you need are leads. Leads, and the way you nurture them, are the gateway to sales.

In this Short Cut, I'll teach you how to use the power of web landing pages to turn prospects into leads. I'll also teach you how to nurture those leads, build trust, and turn strangers into clients. I'll share some technical tips for how to identify lead sources, construct landing pages, and handle backend server processes.

Of course, you may be wondering: what's the big deal? Why do I need someone to tell me all this? Because, frankly, you're probably doing things in a haphazard way. Take a cold, hard look at your rainmaking process. How long have you been in business, or in sales? Do you know from month to month what your sales will be? ...

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