13 Life in the Box

I looked up at the board again.

Yes! I cheered silently. All of this trouble happened because Bud betrayed a feeling that he had for Nancy. But I rarely have those kinds of feelings for Laura. And the reason why is obvious — Laura is so much worse than Nancy. No one would feel they should do things for her given the way she is. My case is different. Bud got into trouble because he betrayed himself. I’m not betraying myself. I sat back, satisfied.

“Okay, I think I get this,” I said, preparing to ask my question. “I think I understand the idea of self-betrayal. Check me on it: As people, we have a sense of what other people might need and how we can help them. Right?

“Yes,” Bud and Kate said, almost in unison.

“And if I have ...

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