Leadership in Academic and Public Libraries

Book description

In a time when libraries have to face constant change, this book provides examples and advises on how to lead when change is needed (for example, when quality management is implemented or when libraries have to merge or to relocate). Engaging with how constant change affects leadership in libraries and how leaders in libraries act in times of change, this book is aimed at practitioners and students of Library and Information Science (LIS) alike, and is based on both theory and expert interviews from leaders in academic and public libraries that are in the midst, or are now coming out of a process of change.
  • Provides practical solutions for real change situations and problems in libraries
  • Includes expert interviews
  • Written by a professor with nine years experience as a member the management team for the German National Library of Science and Technology

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. List of figures and tables
  6. Preface
  7. About the author
  8. Part 1: Change management
    1. Chapter 1: Change management in libraries
      1. Abstract.
      2. 1.1 Why change management?
      3. 1.2 Structure of the book
    2. Chapter 2: Change management
      1. Abstract.
      2. 2.1 Change management in general
      3. 2.2 Phases of a change process
      4. 2.3 Elements of change management
  9. Part 2: Change management in practice
    1. Chapter 3: When does change need change management?
      1. Abstract.
      2. 3.1 Case studies of change projects in academic and public libraries
      3. 3.2 Change projects described by leaders
      4. 3.3 Asking change managers for another view on change projects
    2. Chapter 4: Implementation of a library RFID management system
      1. Abstract.
      2. 4.1 Implementation of a library RFID management system in an academic library
      3. 4.2 Implementation of a library RFID management system in public libraries
    3. Chapter 5: Merging libraries and implementing quality management
      1. Abstract.
      2. 5.1 Merger of three public libraries including a relocation process
      3. 5.2 Implementing a quality management system in an academic library
      4. 5.3 Merger of two academic libraries using the quality management system as a tool to support the transition
      5. 5.4 Merger of academic libraries and an implementation of TQM with a certification process followed by a reorganisation including downsizing
    4. Chapter 6: Relocation processes and reduction of space
      1. Abstract.
      2. 6.1 Relocation of a public library
      3. 6.2 Reduction of space in academic libraries
    5. Chapter 7: Changes in the management of a library
      1. Abstract.
      2. 7.1 Changes resulting from the announcement of a new director in an academic library
      3. 7.2 Management restructuring across the whole organisation for a less hierarchical structure in an academic library
    6. Chapter 8: Case studies of change projects described by change managers
      1. Abstract.
      2. 8.1 Implementation of a library RFID management system in a public library
      3. 8.2 Merger of an academic library with an information service provider
      4. 8.3 Change as day-to-day business in an academic library
  10. Part 3: Change management and leadership
    1. Chapter 9: Change – what can go wrong and how to do it right
      1. Abstract.
      2. 9.1 Leaders
      3. 9.2 Staff
      4. 9.3 Goals
      5. 9.4 Time
    2. Chapter 10: What kind of leadership does change management need?
      1. Abstract.
      2. 10.1 New aspects of leadership in reference to change management
      3. 10.2 New leaders as a result of change
    3. Chapter 11: Leaders as change managers
      1. Abstract.
      2. 11.1 Change managers/change agents
      3. 11.2 Transformational leadership
      4. 11.3 Transactional leadership
    4. Chapter 12: Useful tips for the management of libraries in times of change
      1. Abstract.
      2. 12.1 Opportunities during the change process
      3. 12.2 Communication – say it loud and clear
      4. 12.3 There are people working in the team(s) or department(s) affected by a deliberate large-scale change
      5. 12.4 Change management
      6. 12.5 Learning throughout the change process
      7. 12.6 Scheduling
      8. 12.7 Things that can’t be changed
  11. Appendix
  12. References
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: Leadership in Academic and Public Libraries
  • Author(s): Petra Düren
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): Chandos Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781780633398