I have had the pleasure to have worked with and be inspired by so many wonderfully gifted intellectuals before and during my pulsating career, and I would like to thank all those who contributed small and large to my professional development over the years. In no particular order, thank you to the following people without whom I would not have ever come to develop the professional experience or knowledge needed to write this book. Claudia Ott, Prof. Frau Dreier, Dr. Jochem Kießling-Sonntag, Marion Schopen, Dr. Klaudia Fork, Markus Rempe, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Klippstein, Prof. Dr. Volker Wittberg, Christian Ott, Daniel ­Klarhorst, Jo Gordon, Beth Hinton, Dr. Ausberto Torres, Marc Pavey, Verena ­Hanke-Neuland, Christian Ott, Dale Heffron, ...

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