Chapter 33

Ever Given Birth?

I haven’t. But the rumors say it’s not easy. I have heard that in some cases, it’s so difficult and painful that moms in labor threaten the fathers and other people in attendance at the joyful occasion with bodily harm! For some, the process is long. For some, the pain is less severe. For some it’s easier; for others it’s absurdly difficult. Some deliver naturally; others have a C-section. The point is, any way you go about it, it’s a long process that ends with bringing new life into the world. Now that’s a miracle!

This section has been about kindling and breathing new life into your followers. We have talked about inspiration and the power you bring to your people when you help them release their reserve energy. We discussed being aware of how your emotional energy affects your followers and how you can change your moods by changing your physiology. You were encouraged to be aware of what your followers need and don’t need. Finally, you were advised to let yourself notice things by clearing your mind so that you can be fully present and fully aware. These are all steps and strategies for breathing new life into your followers, but make no mistake—kindling is a process. It is full of ups and downs. Moments of elation are followed by moments of “What was I thinking?”

It’s not as simple it sounds. It’s not even as easy as just following the steps in this section, because there is always one unpredictable element: humans. At a leadership conference, ...

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