Leadership Results

Book description

A model for developing the leaders and delivering the leadership results the world needs

Leadership Results explores the fall of traditional leadership thinking and the struggling multibillion dollar leadership development industry that is failing to deliver results, and explains the mindset, skills, ways of being and methods that will get results in the new context and evolving paradigm. The Leadership Results model is practical and predictive, providing a way forward for companies seeking to build sustainable leadership capacity, develop individual leaders, boost employee engagement and deliver breakthrough results through shared and collective leadership. Actionable steps guide you through the process of evolving leadership culture to see increased productivity, growth opportunities and ensured profitability borne on a culture of trust, collaboration, fairness and a commitment to innovation and real prosperity. Expert analysis debunks pervasive myths and assumptions surrounding leadership, employee engagement, and talent development, while demystifying the role technology plays in innovation and progress.

Leaders, coaches, trainers, OD practitioners, change agents, and students will find insightful guidance, thought-provoking discussion and illustrative case studies that will help them:

  • Rethink leadership to make a stronger impact
  • Take bold action to change the status quo
  • Marry strategic and innovation leadership into a force for real change
  • Stop making the same mistakes and start forging a new path forward

From the heads of state on down, all levels of leadership are experiencing a rapid loss of trust and confidence — and the glaring absence of results that follows. Unethical business practices are costing more than five per cent of the global GDP every year; citizens around the world have lost faith in the public and private sectors; only 13% of employees are engaged at work — clearly, there is a severe lack of effective leadership. Leadership Results provides a practical way forward through this global quagmire, with a clear, actionable model for leadership that works.

Table of contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Preface
  3. About the author
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Introduction
  6. Part I: Leading in Context
    1. Chapter 1: The hidden power of relationships
      1. All for one, and one for all
      2. In search of gold
    2. Chapter 2: The new context for leadership
      1. Why can't organisations see the forest for the trees?
      2. Adaptive challenges
      3. Global mindsets and cultural intelligence
    3. Chapter 3: Leading without maps: Sense-making
      1. Storytelling
      2. Speakership
      3. Descriptive language
      4. Language of action
      5. Language of possibility
    4. Chapter 4: Blind spots and naive models of leadership
      1. Blind spots and stereotypes
      2. Naive models of leadership
      3. Ten fundamental and interrelated errors
    5. Chapter 5: An integrity model of leadership for our times
      1. An all-in-one solution
      2. How it works: Benefits of the LR model
      3. Why it works: how the LR model is different
      4. How it works: The LR survey
      5. Self-leadership
      6. Leader credibility
  7. Part II: Self-Leadership and Leader Development
    1. Chapter 6: The initiation to leadership
      1. What is initiation?
      2. Leadership initiation
    2. Chapter 7: Self-leadership and leader development
      1. Understanding self-leadership
      2. Leader development strategies
    3. Chapter 8: Virtues, emotions and signature strengths
      1. Gratitude
      2. Why character strength and virtues matter
      3. Are values a trap or overrated?
      4. Mistaking values for principles, morality, virtues and ethics
    4. Chapter 9: Motivation and self-engagement
      1. Motivation
      2. Goal setting
      3. Employee engagement
      4. Commitment
      5. Self-engagement
  8. Part III: Collective Leadership Development
    1. Chapter 10: Collective leadership
      1. Leadership dependency vs empowerment
      2. Five real-life examples
    2. Chapter 11: Leadership development
      1. Most recent forms of leadership
      2. What is leadership development?
      3. Leadership development best practices
    3. Chapter 12: Leadership development methods
      1. Facilitation
      2. 1. Action learning
      3. 2. Case-in-point method
      4. 3. Tavistock-style group relations learning
      5. 4. Open Space Technology
      6. 5. Sociometry, sociodrama and other action methods
      7. 6. Social Network Analysis
      8. 7. Creative Problem Solving
      9. 8. Team coaching
      10. 9. Teaming
      11. 10. Eclectic interventions
    4. Chapter 13: Spectacular performance and business results
      1. Myth or reality?
      2. Five stories, one theme
      3. Perception is not reality
      4. The three laws of performance
      5. What results and level of performance do you want?
      6. The five-level performance ladder
      7. Stretch targets
    5. Chapter 14: A call to decisive, bold action and results
      1. Planning for action
  9. References and suggested reading
  10. Index
  11. Connect and Share
  12. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Leadership Results
  • Author(s): Sebastian Salicru
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780730345374