Chapter 2The Six Sides of Clarity

The frame of the box that holds the twelve dimensions creating the space where you are in clarity begins to give structure to your work. But, like the world in which we live, nothing is flat. Thus, the next addition is to add dimensionality to the box (Figure 2.1). The organizational box that we have created is actually a cube with four sides, but also with a top and bottom. The fifth and sixth sides of the box add dimension to our box and keep the tasks of the four sides both contained and connected. The dimensionality also provides the place for clarity to reside—right in the center of the box. This is why it is so important to account for all six sides of the box when you plan for performance—it provides the natural home for clarity within your unique organization. The bottom of the box is your foundation, which provides a solid place for the fundamental elements of your organization to firmly rest upon. The top of the box is what opens your organization to the world and takes your company beyond what you do internally—it lifts you with all the promise and dreams of what can be.

Schematic illustration of an organizational box, which is actually a cube with four sides and also a top and bottom.

Figure 2.1 Defining Your Box

Illustration of a questionnaire, divided into Part I and Part II, on the external, environmental factors and foundation of an organization.

The Fifth Side—Foundation (The Bottom of the Box)

Conventional wisdom might reasonably dictate that you start at the bottom with ...

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