Leading for Organisational Change

Book description

Harness the seven key elements of successful organisational change

Leading for Organisational Change is an intelligent and practical guide to the human side of merger integration and other organisational change. Building a clear sense of common purpose and then reinforcing it through storytelling can underpin the success of an integration or significant change programme. Pulling together the best thinking from neuroscience, psychology and business, and her rich personal experience in twenty years of leading change projects in professional services organisations and other people-centred businesses, author Jennifer Emery presents a framework for change rooted in seven key themes that help organisations establish their BECAUSE: belonging, evolution, confidence, agility, understanding, simplicity and energy. Exploring the role each theme plays in the context of change, this insightful and warm book shares real-world examples and provides advice on building purpose and culture and strengthening motivation through listening, empowering and collaborating.

Clear understanding of purpose, powerful communication techniques and carefully planned implementation strategies assist in navigating an often stressful and uncertain period of change, and can even enable organisations to thrive throughout this period. This book encourages you to apply important lessons to your own context, allowing you to:

  • Focus on the human, cultural and practical elements of organisational change
  • Apply central concepts of communication and motivation to a wide array of situations in your personal and business life
  • Understand perspectives on change from a broad range of professional sectors
  • Build and strengthen communication skills to promote a sense of shared purpose

Leading for Organisational Change offers a warm and intelligent perspective on the personal and inter-personal factors that contribute to successful integration. An invaluable resource for professional services and people-focused organisations, this book provides advice that can cross sectors and lend insight to any major change programme.

Table of contents

  1. COVER
    1. Why You Need This Book
    2. How to Use This Book
    3. Notes
  3. Part One: Foundation
    1. Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time
      1. Defining Terms
      2. Notes
    2. Chapter 2: The Angel in the Marble
      1. Six Perspectives on Purpose
      2. Purpose Wash?
      3. Harnessing the Power of Purpose
      4. Discovering Purpose
      5. Notes
    3. Chapter 3: Milk and Mushrooms
      1. Know Thyself
      2. Say What You See
      3. Notes
    4. Chapter 4: Telling Stories
      1. What Makes a Good Story?
      2. Notes
    5. Chapter 5: Everything Must Change
      1. Mergers and Acquisitions
      2. Change – This Time It's Personal
      3. Turning Theory into Practice
      4. Notes
  4. Part Two: Story
    1. Note
    2. Chapter 6: Beginnings
      1. Once Upon a Time
      2. First Meeting
      3. Lawyers, Generally
      4. Digging Deeper
      5. Three's a Crowd?
      6. No Mud, No Lotus
      7. Writing the Story
      8. The Story Itself
      9. Telling the Story
      10. Notes
    3. Chapter 7: Starting Out
      1. Getting to Yes
      2. Telling Everyone Else
      3. Getting Organised
      4. Do It Yourself
      5. Do It Once, Do It Fast, Do It Right
      6. Shaping the New Firm
      7. Project Triangle
      8. Tell Us Something We Don't Know
      9. Getting to Know You
      10. Information Overload
      11. Notes
    4. Chapter 8: Making It Happen
      1. Le Weekend
      2. Day 1
      3. Reality Bites – The First Fortnight
      4. Bottlenecks and Bloody Marys
      5. Getting a Grip
      6. How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
      7. The First 150 Days – Making a Plan
      8. Paper, Stone, Scissors – The Best of Three
      9. Keep Talking …
      10. … Whoa, Keep Talking
      11. Tate That
      12. Getting It Together
      13. Moving On
      14. Notes
  5. Part Three: Because
    1. Chapter 9: Belonging
      1. What Is Belonging and Why Does It Matter?
      2. What Happens to Our Sense of Belonging When Things Change?
      3. How to Build Belonging
      4. Connecting and Building Relationships
      5. A House Is Not A Home
      6. Identity
      7. Conclusion
      8. Notes
    2. Chapter 10: Evolution
      1. You Say You Want an Evolution …
      2. Turning Points and Watersheds
      3. What Does an Evolutionary Approach Bring to Business?
      4. How to Build an Evolutionary Organisation
      5. Notes
    3. Chapter 11: Confidence
      1. What Is Confidence?
      2. How Does Confidence Manifest Itself?
      3. Sounds Great, How Can We Get Some (and Why Is It So Hard)?
      4. Notes
    4. Chapter 12: Agility
      1. What Is Agility?
      2. I Don't Dance
      3. Okay, Show Me Some Moves
      4. Building Networks
      5. Getting to Go
      6. The People Model
      7. A Fool With A Tool …
      8. Bringing It Together
      9. Notes
    5. Chapter 13: Understanding
      1. What Do We Mean by Understanding?
      2. ‘Send Three and Four-pence We're Going to A Dance’
      3. Two Ears, One Mouth
      4. How to Communicate
      5. Clarity
      6. Enlightenment
      7. Stumbling Blocks
      8. Notes
    6. Chapter 14: Simplicity
      1. Uh-oh! (More!) Mud
      2. Simplicity of Message
      3. Simplicity of Information
      4. Simplicity of Decision Making
      5. Simplicity of Execution
      6. Simplicity of Structure
      7. Simplicity of Rules
      8. Simplicity of Expectation
      9. Notes
    7. Chapter 15: Energy
      1. Energy, or Resilience?
      2. Why Does Energy Matter?
      3. How Does Change Challenge Energy and Resilience?
      4. The Essential Rhythm
      5. How Can Organisations Build Resilience and Energy?
      6. The Role of Purpose
      7. The Role of Stories
      8. Notes
  6. Part Four: Implications
    1. Chapter 16: The Bigger Picture
      1. BECAUSE At Large
      2. Stakeholder Perspectives
      3. Notes
    2. Chapter 17: The Best Thing You Can Bring Is Heart
      1. Not Another List
      2. Three Thoughts
      3. Jandel Allen-Davis
      4. The Beginning
      5. Notes
  10. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: Leading for Organisational Change
  • Author(s): Jennifer Emery
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119517962