Leading in Turbulent Times

Book description

Turbulent times are here to stay. The global recession is today's current headline, but accelerating change and economic uncertainty are the hallmarks of twenty-first century business. Signs like the volatility of commodity prices and fluctuations in currencies are all part of a broader weather system affecting business everywhere. These powerful forces for change are the corporate equivalent of headwinds, which must be faced and navigated by all leaders and those they lead. The challenge of the next few years is learning to maneuver confidentially in perpetual turbulence.

So what should you do as a leader to keep your business on course? Kevin Kelly and Gary Hayes have interviewed frontline leaders with proven track records for adapting to rapid change and helping their companies thrive. In Leading in Turbulent Times, these extraordinary executives—from successful international companies such as McDonald's, General Electric, Nissan, Coca-Cola, Kaiser Permanente, Marks & Spencer, and more—share how they have confronted the challenges every leader must now face.

You'll discover how to recognize the early signs of rough seas ahead and mobilize and inspire your people to respond. Kelly and Hayes explain what top leaders do to chart new strategies that build on existing strengths and, when necessary, change direction quickly and decisively. But a different course is not always welcomed by everyone, so Leading in Turbulent Times offers advice on putting down mutinies in ways that acknowledge legitimate concerns without distracting or alienating loyal crewmembers. And the authors focus on how to cope with the personal stress that comes with guiding your organization and your people through the turmoil.

Leading in Turbulent Times shows how you can use change to your advantage at a time when everyone else is being blown off course.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Chapter summaries
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 All change
    1. The universal truth of change
    2. Going, going . . .
    3. Advertising change
    4. Technological change: cognitive agility
    5. Organisational change: interpersonal effectiveness
    6. Macro-economic and political change: quick and critical reasoning
    7. Globalisation 2.0: cross-cultural fluency
    8. Global nomads
    9. Fast globalisation
    10. The answer is leadership
    11. The courage of leaders
    12. Resources
  9. 2 Knowing when the winds are coming
    1. Cash up-front
    2. Forearmed is forewarned
    3. Horizon scanning
    4. Healthy futures
    5. True north
    6. Customer radar
    7. Resources
  10. 3 All hands on deck
    1. The art of letter writing
    2. Elevator pitch
    3. Habit forming
    4. Communicating in turbulent times
    5. Resources
  11. 4 Navigating a new route
    1. Crisis and opportunity
    2. Think and act
    3. Hard and soft
    4. IQ and EQ
    5. Today and tomorrow
    6. Common sense and complexity
    7. Humility and strength
    8. Resources
  12. 5 Mastering mutinies
    1. Horses for courses
    2. People first
    3. Follow folly
    4. Strike quickly
    5. Rose on retail
    6. Tone setting
    7. Beyond mutinies
    8. Resources
  13. 6 Learning to tack
    1. Nimble giants
    2. Corporate boating
    3. Old dog, new tricks
    4. The agile Infosys
    5. The organism
    6. Best foot forward
    7. Fast first
    8. Taking control
    9. Willingness to learn
    10. One and all
    11. Resources
  14. 7 Living with turbulence
    1. Giving it all
    2. It’s not life or death . . . usually
    3. The glass is half full . . . always
    4. Personal development
    5. Looking after yourself
    6. Balancing acts
    7. The roads travelled
    8. Making space
    9. Loyal supporters
    10. Close at hand
    11. The perfect chair
    12. Feeling good, doing good, having fun
    13. Resources
  15. 8 The leading turbulent times checklist
    1. Passion
    2. People skills
    3. Long-term vision
  16. Index
  17. Acknowledgements
  18. Footnotes
    1. Intfn1
    2. Ch1fn2
    3. Ch1fn3
    4. Ch1fn4
    5. Ch2fn1
    6. Ch2fn2
    7. Ch2fn3
    8. Ch2fn4
    9. Ch4fn1
    10. Ch5fn1
    11. Ch6fn1
    12. Ch6fn2
    13. Ch6fn3
    14. Ch6fn4
    15. Ch7fn1
    16. Ch8fn1

Product information

  • Title: Leading in Turbulent Times
  • Author(s): Kevin Kelly, Gary Hayes
  • Release date: February 2010
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781605096629