Leading with Conviction: Mastering the Nine Critical Pillars of Integrated Leadership

Book description

Practical advice and tools to help leaders at all levels elevate their skills

What can truly set an organization apart? There is only one asset that offers guaranteed differentiation: leadership. Leadership is a deliberate act that requires effort but yields enormous payback. According to the renowned professor Shalom Saar and co-author Michael J. Hargrove, both internationally recognized leadership development consultants, executive coaches and speakers, leadership can be learned and improved through the nine critical competencies explored in this book. Filled with sage advice and engaging examples, as well as multiple mini-assessments, this book presents a programmatic approach to engage and grow leaders at every level and in any type of organization.

  • Outlines the nine core competencies that define exceptional leadership

  • Uses a proven approach to enhance leadership skills that can be applied to any organizational setting

  • Offers a wide array of practical tools for aspiring and experienced leaders

  • Written by Shalom Saar and Michael Hargrove, the cofounders of the Center for Leadership Development, (Saar is also a leading professor at MIT and previously Harvard, as well as other top schools globally)

Leading with Conviction offers a wealth of advice to help leaders establish a compelling vision, motivate their workforce, manage change and conflict, and create benchmarks that lead to sustainable success.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Epigraph
  3. Books in the Warren Bennis Signature Series
  4. Title page
  5. Copyright page
  6. Dedication
  7. A Note from Warren Bennis
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Introduction
    1. Leading Is Not Only for the Elite
    2. Leading Is a Solitary Pursuit
    3. Leading Requires Courage
    4. Leading Requires a Certain Leap of Faith
    5. Leading Must Be Conscious and Purposeful
    6. Leadership: The Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    7. The Nine Leadership Pillars
  10. 1 The Pillar of Self
    1. The Case for Self-Awareness
    2. The Three Fundamental Elements of Self-Knowledge
    3. Strategies for Deepening Self-Knowledge
  11. 2 The Pillar of Balance
    1. The Need for Balance
    2. The Leadership Seesaw
    3. The Balancing Act: Technical and People Skills
    4. Work and Personal Life
    5. A Last Word on Balance
  12. 3 The Pillar of Agility
    1. A Full Set of Tools
    2. Lessons in Agility
  13. 4 The Pillar of Change
    1. The Stages of Change
    2. Leading People Through the Change Curve
    3. The Challenge of Changing Many Minds
    4. Success Maxims for Organizational Change
  14. 5 The Pillar of Conflict
    1. Conflict Is a Growth Industry
    2. Sources of Conflict
    3. Approaches to Conflict
    4. Between Islands, Build Bridges: A Framework for Effective Conflict Resolution
    5. The Upside of Conflict
  15. 6 The Pillar of Creativity
    1. Fostering Creativity
    2. Embracing Differences in Thinking: From Theory to Practice
    3. Integrating Creative Insight with Data and Analysis
  16. 7 The Pillar of Coaching
    1. Challenges Inherent in Coaching
    2. Preparing to Coach
    3. A Framework for the Coaching Conversation
    4. The Importance of Listening
    5. The Coaching Metaphor: A Reality Check
  17. 8 The Pillar of Collaboration
    1. Three Reasons for Teams
    2. Team Functions and Dysfunctions
    3. Five Fundamentals of Teams
  18. 9 The Pillar of Results
    1. Define Vision and Values
    2. Focusing on Results: Follow a Roadmap
    3. Personal Commitment: Remain Dedicated
    4. Putting It All Together: Adidas North America
    5. Leading for Results
  19. 10 The Journey Continues
  20. About the Authors
  21. Index

Product information

  • Title: Leading with Conviction: Mastering the Nine Critical Pillars of Integrated Leadership
  • Author(s): Shalom Saada Saar, Michael J. Hargrove
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
  • ISBN: 9781118444269