Leading with Cultural Intelligence
Include measurements for social responsibility and respect along-
side financial targets. Don’t underestimate the connection between
the two. Permeate your strategic plan with action steps that move
you toward more culturally intelligent behavior. Instead of being
stretched and overrun by globalization and virtual work teams, tap
into the strengths and opportunities that exist within these twenty-
first-century realities.
Imagine being an organization that not only survives in the
unpredictable, chaotic world of globalization but actually thrives
in it. Develop a vision for defying the abysmal statistics that pre-
dict a 70 percent failure rate among all international ventures. And
believe that culturally intelligent leaders and organizations enjoy
tangible and altruistic profits that far outweigh the costs. As dem-
onstrated in the research cited throughout this book, the economic
value added by integrating cultural intelligence into your leader-
ship role and into your organization is proven again and again.
Join a movement of leaders who are making cultural intelligence
the modus operandi for twenty-first-century leadership by making
it central to your mission, vision, and values.
Build Commitment with Senior Leaders
Unless senior leaders embody the values and vision of your organi-
zation, those ideas remain mere words on a PowerPoint presenta-
tion or Web page. This is especially true when embracing a vision
for becoming a more culturally intelligent force in the world. The
level of CQ among senior leaders is the most consistent variable
linked to whether or not an organization functions in the world
with a track record of dignity, respect, and social responsibility.
Senior leaders have to prioritize cultural intelligence in order to see
it become a guiding characteristic and modus operandi through-
out the organization as a whole. Coping and responding to fast-
changing circumstances and the enactment of a global strategy

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