Groups of layers

MultiPolyline and MultiPolygon layers allow you to combine multiple polylines and polygons. If you want to create group layers of different types, such as a marker layer with a circle, you can use a layer group or a feature group.

The layer group

A layer group allows you to add multiple layers of different types to the map and manage them as a single layer. To use a layer group, you will need to define several layers:

var marker=L.marker([35.10418, -106.62987]).bindPopup("I am a Marker");
var marker2=L.marker([35.02381, -106.63811]).bindPopup("I am Marker 2");
var polyline=L.polyline([[35.10418, -106.62987],[35.19738, -106.875],[35.07946, -106.80634]], {color: 'red',weight:8}).bindPopup("I am a Polyline");

The preceding code creates ...

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