Part IV. Learn

In Part II, we laid out a basic set of brand components that need to be tested against reality. We proceeded to test how well they triggered conversion in Part III. At this point, you should have answered questions such as:

  • Does our communications strategy reach the desired audience and convert new customers?

  • Does our brand story resonate well with the needs and aspirations of those we seek to convert?

  • Do our visual symbols generate the right impression and convey the correct meanings about our brand, attracting viewers into following desired action path (convert)?

In this section, we will synthesize our learning, pivot in new directions based on the data we’ve collected, and produce a working version of a brand that we can continue to build on.

Looking back at our Brand Learning Log (introduced in Part II), the gray area is where we should find ourselves.

image with no caption

Using everything that we’ve learned thus far, this section will show you how to pivot each of your brand components based on those lessons:

Brand rechannel (Chapter 9)

Which brand communication channels should we select, based on our target audience’s preferences?

Brand reposition (Chapter 10)

Which elements of our brand story do not resonate well with our audience, hinder customer acquisition, and need to be changed? How can we go about doing this?

Brand redesign (Chapter 11)

Which brand symbols dissuade or confuse new customers ...

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