Chapter 18

Ten Pitfalls to Avoid

In This Chapter

arrow Thinking differently because Lean is different

arrow Knowing what to watch out for

arrow Avoiding the most common mistakes

Lean is different from traditional western-style thinking, organizational structures, and management styles, so keeping your bearings can be difficult. Traditional ways of working have force and momentum. Many people — some well-meaning, and some not so well-meaning — can quietly conspire, either accidentally or purposefully, to knock you off course and derail your initiative. Many large and well-meaning companies have fallen prey to one or more of these traps, and suffered mightily for it.

In this chapter, we fill you in on the most common causes of problems with Lean initiatives, and tell you how to avoid them. These issues are real — and they can be real trouble if you’re not careful. Pay attention to these pitfalls, and stay alert for signs of disaffection or discontent. Doing so can save your initiative and, ultimately, your organization.

Shiny Objects

There are multiple approaches to improvement. And new improvement ideas and tools constantly emerge on the landscape. What’s so special about Lean? What’s wrong with these ...

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