3Gen: Derived from three Japanese words — genchi (like gemba), genbutsu, genjitsu it is the practice of going to where the action is, observe what is happening and get real data/facts to solve problems and improve processes. Sometimes the words are written with “gem” rather than “gen” because of the transliteration from Japanese characters.

3P: Production Preparation Process is the act of applying Lean concepts in the design phase, usually involving a cross-functional team to bring all perspectives and eliminate waste before a process implementation.

5S: The principle of waste elimination through workplace organization. Derived from the Japanese words seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke, which have been translated into English as sort, straighten, scrub, systematize, and standardize. Safety is often included as a sixth S.

5 Whys: A method of root-cause analysis that entails the progressive asking of “Why?” at least five times or until the root cause is established.

andon: A signal to alert people of problems at a specific place in a process; a form of visual management.

A3: A one-page reporting format, named for the international paper size (11" x 17" in US sizes). It contains, on one page, critical information about an issue, such as description, cost, timing, data, planned solution, and planned resolution.

consumer: The person or entity who obtains goods and services for his or its own use. See also customer.

continuous flow: The ideal state where products ...

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