Accounting, 109–116

function improvement, 115–116

Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, 110

management board, 115

stability issues, 110

standardizing of processes, 110–114

visual, 114–115

Achievement, job satisfaction and, 131

Acknowledgments, sending, 33, 35

Activities, value stream organization, 1–8

cross-functional teams, 3–4

departmental roles, defining by value stream, 4–6

functional approach, cell approach, contrasted, 4

plan for every process, example of, 7

Activity identification, flow system design, 30

Actual place. See Gemba Advancement, job satisfaction and, 131

Art department board, 56, 58

A3 management process, 137


Batch and queue processing

vs. combining activities, 23

vs. cross-functional, colocated teams, 25

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