L ean RFS
(R epe titive F le xib le S up ply)
Supply Chain Management / Logistics
Lean RFS
(Repetitive Flexible Supply)
Ian Fraser Glenday Rick Sather
With a Foreword by Daniel T. Jones
Glenday Sather
Lean RFS
( R epet i t i ve F l exi bl e S uppl y)
“I saw the positive impact that RFS has on people and performance at two
previous companies – Wrigley and Bacardi. I have high expectations that we’ll
see huge improvements through RFS here, once again.”
John Broadbridge,
VP of Production, The Carlsberg Group
“RFS brought smaller production runs, increased performance, lower stocks,
and stability that is so important for building continuous improvement culture.
It is being adopted by many affiliates across Philip Morris International with
great success.”
Krzysztof Stolarek,
Manager Production, Philip Morris, Polska S.A.
“This book is the missing link in many Lean journeys.”
Daniel T. Jones,
Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy UK
“RFS is an important part of a Lean Six Sigma journey and has brought stability for
sustainable continuous improvement. RfS and its principles are being used in
multiple parts of the supply chain to improve flow and business results.”
Kevin Smith,
Director, Business Process Transformation, Kraft Foods Group
“What is remarkable is that so few companies or people have arrived at this under-
standing of heijunka. I have stumbled across no-one, until you, who has discovered
this on their own. I think, as you suggest, more people should be able to understand
these concepts.”
John Shook,
CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute USA
“The importance of creating schedule stability through green stream RfS logic
cannot be overstated—it drives customer service and Supply Chain inventory and
cost improvements all at the same time.”
Steve Ackroyd,
Lean Manager & Six Sigma Coach, 3M
Is it possible to be repetitive and flexible—at the same time? Using proven
examples and quantifiable evidence, Lean RFS (Repetitive Flexible Supply):
Putting the Pieces Together demonstrates that repetitive flexible supply (RfS) is
not only possible, but that its implementation can help you reach a new level of
improved performance in manufacturing and across your entire supply chain.
This book is unique in that it clearly spells out the theory and practice originally
published in the Shingo Prize winner, Breaking Through to Flow, with actual stories
of Kimberly-Clark’s experience in using them over the years with great success.
These stories provide a real feel of how this learning-by-doing journey led to “aha!”
moments for those involved. It also explains why most planning systems in use
today will result in a different plan every time, and that these plan changes are
actually the cause of the fire fighting that is endemic in most companies.
Lean RFS
(Repetitive Flexible Supply)
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Lean RFS
(Repetitive Flexible Supply)
Ian Fraser Glenday Rick Sather
With a Foreword by Daniel T. Jones

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