Chapter 15

Running Rapid Improvement Events

In This Chapter

arrow Identifying potential improvements through managed events

arrow Checking out the role of the event facilitator

arrow Putting together a checklist of useful questions for running successful events

DMAIC provides a systematic and proven approach to improvement that can be applied to projects of all sizes. Smaller projects can benefit from an accelerated approach based on organising and running a series of workshops bringing people together to work through the DMAIC stages with a focus on rapid improvement. This approach requires a high level of facilitation skills and selection of the right tools to use at the different stages. This chapter describes this approach and how to make it work in practise.

Seeing Rapid Improvement with Kaizen or Kai Sigma Events

Kaizen means change for the better. It’s often associated with short, rapid, incremental improvement and forms a natural part of an organisation’s approach to continuous improvement. Kai Sigma is developed from the Kaizen approach and adapts the framework of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC phases (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) in a series of facilitated workshops. The ...

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