Chapter 19

Ten Best Practices

In This Chapter

arrow Applying Lean Six Sigma in everyday operations

arrow Using common sense and being practical

arrow Keeping things simple

You can apply the Lean Six Sigma toolkit in organisations of all sizes and in all sectors. The following sections highlight details to take care of to ensure success.

Lead and Manage the Programme

Leadership and management are needed to make Lean Six Sigma work in practice: leadership from a senior executive who takes on the sponsorship role and management through a deployment programme manager appointed by the senior team to programme manage the Lean Six Sigma deployment across the organisation. Even if you’re working in a small organisation, these dual roles need to exist and, in our experience, a double act is better than a solo attempt. Even if you have the best intentions as the leader of your organisation, your Lean Six Sigma programme stands little chance of success unless you appoint a deployment manager to work with you and to make this happen. Equally, trying to start up and deploy a programme without a business sponsor to act as its leader is pointless.

If you’re a senior executive, here’s a quick reference list ...

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