Chapter 3

Identifying Your Customers

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out the fundamentals of processes

arrow Engaging with internal and external customers

arrow Creating a map of your processes

All organisations have a whole range of different customers – internal and external, large and small. Each organisation’s processes should be designed and managed in a way that meets their customers’ various needs. In this chapter we help you understand some process fundamentals necessary to focusing on your customers and their requirements.

Understanding the Process Basics

A process is a series of steps and actions that produce an output in the form of a product or a service. Ideally, each process should add value in the eyes of the customer.

remember.eps All work is a process, and a process is a blend of PEMME:

check.png People: Those working in or around the process. Do you have the right number in the right place, at the right time and possessing the right skills for the job? And do they feel supported and motivated?

Equipment: ...

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