Chapter 18

Ten Places to Go for Help

In This Chapter

arrow Tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience

arrow Using the power of the Web

arrow Considering software applications

arrow Joining a community of interest and developing a network

Sometimes Lean Six Sigma seems a bit daunting. But don’t worry, plenty of help and good experience exists if you know where to look. In this chapter we show you where to find all the advice and resources you need.

Your Colleagues

A well-managed Lean Six Sigma programme relies on teamwork and support being available for everyone involved across the organisation through an internal network. Support can be offered through a spectrum of different coloured ‘belts’; for example, Black Belts supporting Green Belts (see Chapter 2 for more on how the martial arts relate to Lean Six Sigma). Ideally, Black Belts will be able to call on support from Master Black Belts who are professional experts in Lean Six Sigma, but in smaller organisations this support may be outsourced to a specialist.

The ‘belt’ terminology isn’t mandatory. Many organisations just use terms such as ‘practitioner’ ...

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