The Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance denes safety as the maintenance of peace of
mind. Without peace of mind or serenity brought about by a safe working environment,
employees will be unwilling and even unable to focus their energies on production
improvement. Thus, it can be said that all improvement begins with safety.
A how-to manual on the proper integration of safety and environmental sustainability with
Lean implementations, Lean Sustainability: Creating Safe, Enduring, and Profitable
Operations provides a proven recipe for achieving safety and sustainability excellence.
The book is the result of the author’s two decades of experience implementing Lean;
the Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) Pillar; and sustainability processes in the
chemical, food, and consumer products industries. It unveils valuable lessons learned
and little-known tips for eliminating waste and increasing process efciency—while
reducing safety incidents and overall impact on the environment.
The text illustrates how to use the SHE Pillar as a gateway to continuous improvement,
regardless of the improvement methodology you use. Bolstered with proven methodologies
and real-world advice, it introduces novel approaches for achieving safety and sustainability
excellence, including
• Autonomous Safety—supplying employees with the knowledge, skills,
and motivation to work safely
• Triple Zero—the achievement of zero accidents, zero environmental incidents,
and zero losses
• Green Value Stream Mapping, the application of Value Stream Mapping
to environmental and sustainability issues
Although there are many books on Lean, sustainability, and SHE, few explain how to
integrate these dynamic tools. Walking you through this process, this book supplies the
tools to create a synergy that will boost efciencies across all segments of your business.
Follow its advice and you’ll be on your way to making your organization and employees
more Lean, Green, and Serene.
Lean Methods & Implementation
ISBN: 978-1-4398-5716-8
9 781439 857168
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