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Lean UX by Josh Seiden, Jeff Gothelf

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Praise for Lean UX

“Customer Development and Lean Startup changed the way businesses are built, because even the smartest teams can’t predict market and user behavior. This book brings both methodologies to UX so you can build cheaper, faster, and—most importantly—better experiences.”

Alex Osterwalder—Author and Entrepreneur; Cofounder, Business Model Foundry GmbH

“Many UX designers I know fear the words ‘Agile’ or ‘Lean’ out of fear that they threaten their creative process and lower the quality standards of their work. But with more and more software development teams adopting these methodologies, it’s important that the UX team embrace this change and find ways to use the system to its advantage. In this book, Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden explain what Lean UX is, why you should practice it, and how it can help you and your team build better products (which is what it’s all about, right?). Using these principles, the RunKeeper team has broken down the traditional barriers between engineering and UX and has made everyone responsible for creating an incredible user experience.”

Tom Boates—VP, User Experience, RunKeeper

“There is a revolution afoot. It is the move away from big design up front and isolated, specialized teams throwing documents over the wall to each other. Applying the principles of Lean startups, Jeff and Josh lay out the principles of Lean UX, which can literally transform the way you bring experiences to life. I have firsthand experience applying their wisdom and am excited about taking Agile to the next level. Get this book. But most importantly, put this book into practice.”

Bill Scott—Sr. Director, User Interface Engineering, PayPal, Inc.

“If you’re looking to deliver great experiences with Agile development methods, get this book! Jeff and Josh share proven methods for creative ideation, planning, and problem-solving without heavy deliverable baggage.”

Christian Crumlish—Director of Product, CloudOn

“While there is no question that great product teams must put user experience design front-and-center, many teams have struggled to reconcile the techniques and objectives of user experience design with the rhythm and pace of modern Agile development teams. Lean UX is the collection of techniques and mindset that I advocate to modern product teams that know they need the benefits of both.”

Marty Cagan—Founder, Silicon Valley Product Group; Former SVP Product and Design, eBay

“Jeff and Josh’s passion for getting UX (and really all of product development) right comes across powerfully in this detailed yet eminently readable book. The case studies, examples, and research serve to highlight the power of building a Lean UX process, and there’s a great deal of actionable advice taken from these. I’m ordering a copy for everyone on our design, UX, and product teams at Moz.”

Rand Fishkin—CEO and Cofounder, Moz

“A fantastic combination of case studies and practical advice that your team can use today. Whether you’re at a startup or a Fortune 500 company, this book will change the way you build products.”

Laura Klein—Principal, Users Know

“Lean UX provides a prescriptive framework for how to build better products, moving design away from pixel perfection for the sake of it, toward iterative learning, smarter effort, and outcome-based results. Product managers, business owners, and startup employees—along with designers—can benefit greatly from Lean UX.”

Ben Yoskovitz—VP Product, GoInstant

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